Not here, but still busy.

It’s been awhile.  When I started this blog I had every intention of writing everything down.  Things got busy, the nutrition appointments were boring, so I stopped.  I’m back tonight to update.  I left off at my second appointment. I completed the nutrition appointments and the psychology appointment.  The psychology appointment was interesting.  Sitting in a room with an older lady trying to explain why I want to be thinner.  She asked a bunch of questions and was told that she had a few concerns.  I’m a people pleaser.  She had concerns of me eating to make people happy.  After the face to face meeting I was given a 150 question test to fill out.  One of the weirdest tests I’ve ever taken.  As I was leaving the meeting I was stopped by office personal and asked if I had a personal physician.  Of course I had already given them Dr. Hernandez’s name and number, but they needed two years of medical data, or pictures that went back 3 years.  I had one more appointment with the nutritionist and I was wasn’t very confident going into the appointment.  Total I lost 2.5 pounds over the three months.  I was done with the pre assessment appointments.  I then had to sit and wait.  I waited for over a month before I heard anything.  Then one day I got a letter in the mail from my insurance company.  My surgery had been approved.  Then I waited for the doctor’s office to call back.  Two more weeks went by and no call.  I called the doctor’s office myself and was routed back to the nutrition clinic.  So again I waited.  A few days later I got a call telling me the surgery had been approved and I now needed to meet with the doctor.  However he was out-of-town for two weeks.  Today I had my appointment today.   I scheduled my appointment for the 17th of August.  I tried to talk with my floor supervisor this afternoon after going to the hospital to complete all the pre surgery tests and pre registration.  So I’m set to go.  I have one and a half weeks to prepare and get my mind-set.  Next Wednesday there is a class I have to attend and then I will check in at 5:30 in the morning on Monday.  Scared, nervous, excited?  Not yet, give me a few days to let it sink in.