Month 2 begins

Monday was a busy day and the rest of the week wasn’t much better, but here it is Friday and I’ve made it through.  I did go to my nutritionist appointment on Monday and well as have some labs done.  I had a whole whooping 0.1 pound loss, but at least I didn’t gain.  She went over my log book and chastised my sweet tooth tendencies.  For the most part the appointment went well.  The diet that I am learning is a bit different from my usual diets and I’m having to learn to eat a protein with snacks and only if I need a snack.  With Jenny and Weight Watchers they were such big supporters of two snacks daily that were “good” for you like fruit or veggies.  Now I’m having to learn to really push the three meals every day and protein, protein, protein.  I did skip I think two meals last month and was given the lecture on how that must not happen post surgery.  In fact I shouldn’t go more than 5 hours without eating and every time I eat it should contain some protein.  The office also called me on Thursday to schedule my physiologist appointment.  So at the end of May I will have completed step 2 and have only one more month of seeing the nutritionist.  I will see her again after the surgery, but I’m required to see her for three months before the surgery.  I had a co-worker ask me at work last week if I were nervous about the surgery.  I’m not really nervous yet.  I guess part of me knows that I could still be turned down and that at any time I can change my mind.  Most of all I’m just ready to be healthy.  My ankle has been tender lately and I’m wondering how much of this pain is weight related.

Well month one is behind me.  I have to learn to stop eating sweets, that one will be hard.  The other thing that I’m still having trouble with is my sparkling water.  That has to go too and drinking with straws.  My coffee is now half decaf and I’m a bit grumpy during my shifts.  I hope co-workers will forgive me as I struggle through the changes I need to make.