Hello, I’m new here.

Okay, so I’ve started a new blog on a different website.  Why?  Because I’m not much of a runner right now and I’m beginning a new journey that I keep a journal of.  As before this blog is basically for me, to document my journey on a weight loss adventure I’m planning on taking.  I’m excited, but I feel guilty.  I’m hopeful, but scared.  I’m ready and I want to do IMG_0498well.  How can I be the best person I can be if I’m not happy with the person I see in the mirror every morning?  So, here I am and I’ll promise to do the best I can in trying to be consistent and post at least one a month.  I may post more often if the need arises or I just need to vent.  I’m not sure how to begin here, because the only one that really knows of my decision is my husband.  And I can tell you he says “If it makes you happy, then do it.” but on the inside, he really doesn’t want me to.  So what am I dancing around here?  Weight loss surgery.  Yes, I took the first steps towards weight loss last month.  Last Monday I had my first of three visits with the dietician.  It was a long appointment and she spelled out everything that the next two visits and surgery (food wise) would entail.  It was a lot to ingest.  So to start I have to do a written food log or journal for her to bring back with me at the end of April.  Doing it electronically I’m okay at logging, on paper.  Let’s just say this will be a challenge.  I was also told I will have to give up three things that I really enjoy about food right now and I’ll admit, I’m kind of bummed.  Caffeine, sparkling water, and my chocolate will be a thing of the past by the end of this three months.  I was also told I can’t gain any weight for the next three months, if I do the insurance company may refuse my claim.  So, there’s my  beginning.  I’ve started my paper journal and so far I’m not doing to bad.  I haven’t gained any weight, but it’s only been one week.  I’m alternating coffee with herbal tea to wean myself off the coffee.  I can have decaf, but right now I’m not wanting to even go that route.  I’m also alternating sparkling water with flat water that has been infused with fruit or veggies.  Part of me wants to tell my family, part of me wants to keep it a secret until I’ve completed the first steps.  For right now I think I’ll keep it to myself until I see how I do.